Flowers in the grounds.

Meeting Guests at Rose Cottage

Flowers in the grounds.

Meeting the guests who have visited Rose Cottage over the past few years has given me an exciting opportunity to share the beautiful scenery and the unhurried way of life on the Welsh borders with visitors from all over the United Kingdom and countries such as Holland, Germany, Japan, Australia and the USA. Many have found it the perfect place to take it easy, to go for an invigorating walk, a cycle ride or a lazy stroll around the bookshops in Hay on Wye. 

Those interested in history have found examples of ancient culture in pre-historic sites such as Arthur’s Stone in its glorious location, overlooking the Golden Valley.  The churches of Herefordshire are renowned and Kilpeck Church is an amazingly well preserved example.  Ruined castles pepper the border between England and Wales and tell the age old story of raids and battles.

Driving on country lanes with very little traffic where the pace of life is slow and people are never too busy to wave at a passing car may feel like visiting the past. Farming and the cycle of the seasons lend a rhythm to daily life and fresh free-range eggs are sold at the roadside on trust, with an “honesty box”.


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